Brooklyn, NY

Position Desired

Accounting, Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Sales Engineering, IT/Computer, Retail, Sales, Teaching
Brooklyn, NY


Creative, intelligent, ambitious, young man searching for a position in customer service and management in order to gain valuable work experience and marketable skills.

Key Qualifications
● Communicate clearly and effectively with customers and coworkers. ● Ability to stand on feet for extended periods of time
● Understand people’s needs when helping out.
● Cleaning and organization skills.
● Dedicated to trying new things. ● Motivated and dependable.
● Communication skills.
● Excellent social skills.
● Efficient worker. ● Fluent in creole. ● Quick learner.
● Team player.

Work Experience

Real Entertainment Group September 2017 - November 2017
Cashier, Brome Line, Floor Staff
● Communication skills help me interact with my team member very well and also interact with customers efficiently.

Panda Express December 2017 - May 2018 ...

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