New York City, NY

Position Desired

Finance, IT/Computer, Retail
New York City, NY


CAREER OBJECTIVE: Data analyst/Business analyst
• 2 years data analytic related experience in consulting, finance and technology company settings
• Hands-on practice with marketing data analysis to support various campaign objectives of customer acquisition, segmentation and retention; trend analysis to predict housing price/ insurance loss / product backorder
• Familiar with data collection, data migration, data preprocessing, data wrangling, EDA, data partition, predictive models, model assessment, model deployment, and preparing ad-hoc and periodic report
• Proficient in machine learning algorithm including regression (linear, SVR), classification (logistic regression, KNN, decision tree, random forest, naïve bays, SVM, neural network) and clustering (K-Means, hierarchical clustering)
• Well-rounded skills in data visualization and designing dashboard with reporting tools (Excel, Tableau)
• Advanced Excel: vlookup, data pivoting, array formula, solver, goal seek scenario manager, data analysis toolpak
• SQL: Write SQL queries, Database schema design
• Strong programming skills with R/Python to process data, implement statistic models, automate reporting generation
• Self-starter with an appetite for learning
• Problem-solving skills, with attention to detail and focus on quality
Columbia University, MS in Applied Analytics, GPA 4.07/4.33, New York, NY Expected Dec 2018
Core Courses: Python for data analytics; Machine learning; Data Visualization& design; SQL & relational database
Michigan State University, BA in Finance, GPA 3.97/4.00 (top 5%), East Lansing, MI Sep 2013 - Dec 2016
Certifications: Passed CFA Level I (top10%), Bloomberg certification
CryptoOracle– Analytic Strategic consultant; New York, NY Sep 2018 - Present
✓ Built models to identify key factors correlated with the success of cryptocurrency companies in healthcare sector.
• Collected data to update database and developed evaluation matrix to measure crypto-currency company by the same standard, including financial, operation, marketing, token design, and team quality.
• Conducted in-depth industry research and descriptive analysis to summarize the current Crypto-health landscape.
• Performed clustering analysis (K-means and hierarchical clustering) to group companies and summarized the common characteristics they share.
Riverland Research – Business Analyst; Toronto, Canada Dec 2016 - Aug 2017
✓ Built up customer signature and recommendation engine for CVS with the capability of collaborative filtering.
• Participated in requirements-gathering session with clients to identify business requirements in terms of problems, objectives, assumptions, constraints and evaluation criteria and translated them into technical specifications
• Identified internal and external data sources, collected data from heterogeneous sources including but not limited to flat files, databases, web services and cloud, and migrated data to staging environments.
• Performed descriptive statistics and EDA to get familiar with data distribution, correlation, multicollinearity for feature engineering, summarized features’ characteristics and ...

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