Miami, FL

Position Desired

New York City, NY


This is my resume. It was created by a person. Me. Experience: this has some limitation, because while I worked cabs and other small jobs out of high school in the 1970s, and then worked for the US Post Office via civil service exam, as a clerk, my real interest at that time was musician. I went to college late. Then there was cleanup and bus work, and working for my dad's retail fur store, so I know how to work! I was also an usher for a short time, which I was one job I liked. So I am challenged to find decent employment, but I have had two years to work out how I feel about my life. I have considerable skills. My life has been straightforward, so I don't have a criminal record or any problems like that. I have a good presence, so in the right place I am able to work around other people, and customers tend to feel comfortable around me. In short is really possible people will actually like being around me. I'm a little Autistic, and a little creative.

While in grad school, I was an usher for the Schubert Organization, which is legitimate theater. I worked at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago for a six-week International Theater Festival and this was a good job. The client stood next to me, and I led that individual to a seat. I liked it. This is because they trusted me. For just a moment all class distinctions were resolved; they followed me to the seat ---- after all they had to, if they wanted to see the play. But you see I li...

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