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Administrative & Clerical, IT/Computer, Management, Other
Bronx, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Manhattan, NY; Mineola, NY; New York City, NY; Queens, NY


■ Recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science and Biochemistry and seeks employment. Two internships were completed at the undergraduate level utilizing gas chromatography to validate existing methods in the public sector and the private sector. Undergraduate research utilized florescence spectroscopy, incorporating various standards to produce repeatability in results and was presented at the Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society in Hershey, PA in June 2017. Currently works as a laboratory technician who prepares customized biological samples for customers.

Laboratory Technician at BioIVT, Westbury, NY 01/31/19 –Present
■ Prepares customized samples for customers through different techniques such as hemolysis, heat inactivation, filtration and aliquoting biological material.
■ Generates chain of custody for orders by labeling biological material and generating an excel sheet with specific information of the orders.
■ Assists in general upkeeping of the laboratory by cleaning, sweeping and removing of biological waste.
■ Regulated quality control checks of processed orders before shipment.
Temporary Coordinator at Estee Lauder, Melville NY 02/26/18 –08/03/2018
■ Enforced all test product handling for internal and external clinical studies from set-up to completion, including archiving and destruction of returned test products according to approved guidelines.
■ Oversaw deadlines for preparation of test samples, devices, test materials, and other products required for both internal and external studies to ensure on-time study initiation and facilitation of interim study visits.
■ Regulated quality control checks of all clinical study documents for accuracy and implemented changes to best support study needs. 
■ Administered adequate number of documents (e.g. consent forms, photo releases, diaries, etc.) were available for distribution to panelists on required study dates.
■ Executed quality control checks of product labeling to ensure proper instructions for compliance support.
■ Monitored inventory of all add-on study products, product logs and materials.
■ Evaluated clinical returns for Safety In-Use studies and appropriately divert products to appropriate facilities.
■ Coordinated signing in of panelists for various studies.
Intern at Intertek, Allentown PA 09/18/17-12/12/17
■ Produced standards and samples to run experiments on thermal desorption GC/MS to identify and quantitate various compounds from spray polyurethane foam insulation as well as samples for chemists to utilize for their daily needs.
■ Validated the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) work item WK40293 method by using the micro chamber.
■ Utilized the LIMS system to document hours producing samples, assisting chemists and method validation.

Research Assistant at Cedar Crest College, Allentown PA 09/01/15 –12/17/17
■ Operated fluorescence spectroscopy to investigate the binding of bilirubin, a breakdown of heme in the human body to the protein albumin.
■ Implemented standards of various concentrations of bilirubin, fatty acids and human serum albumin to monitor quen...

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