Bronx, NY

Position Desired

Administrative & Clerical, Customer Service, Human Resources, IT/Computer, Law Enforcement & Security, Truck Driving
Bronx, NY


● Superb troubleshooter and problem solver with eight years of diverse experience as
a US Army Engineer.
● Able to work effectively as part of a team or independently to ensure that any job
tasks are completed to standards and in accordance with company guidelines.
● Attentive attitude with the ability to work accurately towards deadlines.
● Proficient in both literacy and numeracy.
● Fluent in both English and Spanish.
● Military experience driving an extensive list of vehicles of various size and utility
from commercial vehicles to heavy operating equipment.
● In-depth knowledge of Computer Programs and systems to include Microsoft
Programs, Word, Excel, Outlook and satellite navigation via GPS.
Professional Experience
● Graduated from the US Army Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training with
the distinction of Honor Graduate.
● Rapidly rose through the chain to receive the rank of Specialist.
● Served as the “go-to” person for immediate resolution of technical issues.
● Provided strategic advice to my team whilst completing challenging tasks and
assisting several superiors in cross-departmental goals.
● Completed several projects both within the States and overseas.
● Responsible for the training and management of incoming personnel to ensure they
were well-educated in time-management and the...

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