Great Neck, NY

Position Desired


Purdue Industrial Engineering graduate with a passion for learning, and experienced with teamwork and effective communication; seeking a full-time position as an Industrial Engineer

Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Graduated December 2019

All-American Dining Room Design August 2019 – December 2019
- Analyzed the current AADR design to increase profitability and improve the overall customer dining experience
- Developed a cost model to ascertain the AADR’s future financial state and uncovered inefficiencies to improve upon
- Presented a solution to AADR that would potentially result in a revenue increase of $14,000 per two-week cycle
- Conducted time studies and customer surveys to evaluate the current flow and layout of the AADR
- Implemented restaurant layout adjustments and ergonomic improvements to ensure smoother customer interactions
Booster (Ugandan hospital inventory management) January 2019 – May 2019
- Partnered with a team of industrial engineers to develop a digital transformation solution for a Ugandan hospital’s analog inventory management system
- Developed a neural network prediction model utilizing R to forecast future demand for hospital supplies
- Designed a budget optimization algorithm to maximize patient outcomes with the hospital’s shoestring budget
- Implemented and normalized a database utilizing SQL after modeling its structure with an ER Diagram
- Constructed a web interface utilizing HTML, JavaScript, and PHP that interacted with the database and the prediction model to determine optimal order quantities per item per order
Purdue MyCCO Interface Analysis January 2019 – May 2019
- Analyzed Purdue MyCCO’s web interface to enhance the user experience through partnering with Symplicity
- Conducted heuristic evaluations, comparative analyses, cognitive walkthroughs, and user interviews to identify the web interface’s strengths and areas for improvement
- Presented the recommended design changes as well as other additional features to improve the flow of the service and make it more intuitive, all of which were implemented to the interface by Symplicity the following semester

Software AutoCAD, Minitab, R, Excel, SQL, MATLAB | Python, Jav...

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