Columbus, OH

Position Desired

Installation, Repair, & Maintenance, IT/Computer, Software Developer/Programmer
New York City, NY


Relocating to New York City in October 2021


English Major & Business Minor
08/2013 ~ 05/2017
Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Software Engineer (In Progress)
04/2021 ~ Present
Launch School
Self-paced Mastery-based Learning


Tier I & II Service Desk Agent, Service Desk Team Lead & Supervisor at Kingswood Datacenter in Technology - Information Systems
01/16/2018 ~ Present
Columbus City Schools
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Provide technical support to over 9,000 staff members, 51,000+ students in 109 schools (facilities, compounds, and premises) as they use more than 10,000 Desktop OS Machines and 40,000+ Chromebooks in Columbus Public Schools
Created, recorded, routed, resolved, and closed over 10,000 incident tickets using Cherwell Service Management (licensed to Management Council Ohio Education Computer Networks)
Answer questions from irate callers concerning over 30 platforms and able to channel 100 issues to the appropriate team using the routing guide while utilizing the referral list that has 93 contact party resource
Disseminate email & phone broadcast message regarding outages or emergencies to agents, IT Executive officers, administrators, teachers, staff, and families
Pull data and call stats from Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC)
Run, compile, and send out weekly, monthly, and annual reports using data from Cherwell, Citrix Desktop Director, CUIC, Jira, Hardware Deployment Spreadsheet, and LiveChat
Supervise LiveChat from administrators, teachers, staff, students, and families
Create, update, and maintain our SharePoint knowledge base how-to articles
Monitor Cherwell Unassigned & Assigned Queues and ensuring that my team of agents work their unassigned queue and assigned voicemail days as well a follow-up with assigned queue tickets within SLA
Dell & HP Self Dispatch Chromebook and Laptop Certification - troubleshoot HP & Dell Chromebooks (that won’t turn on), check warranty status, and determine whether to order parts or ship unit out for warranty repair
Assist Supervisor with Chromebook enrollment & warranty (ordering Chromebook parts i.e. keyboards from Hewlett-Packard by sifting through HP part surfer database & Dell warranty dashboard; submitting claims and updating tickets after meticulously replacing keyboards, motherboards, screens, batteries, DC Cables, etc. using a screwdriver & pertinent fix-it yourself toolkit)
Accept hardware truck deliveries at the dock when Hardware Deployment Team Lead is out on delivery
Support administrators, teachers, staff, and families as a front-line COVID-19 Chromebook repair technician for students to have fixed and spare units to succeed in their education amidst the pandemic

Summer Service Intern at Freestore Foodbank in Nonprofit Organization
5/23/2016 ~ 7/29/2016
The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
35 Hours per week
Daily: Intake/Screening for Social Service customers
Daily: Refer Clients to other agencies for supportive services (legal, employment, mental health, disabilities, etc.)
Weekly: Provide customers with birth certificates and ID vouchers needed for employment or housing
Assist with the Summer Family Nutrition Program in conjunction with the Associate Director of the Customer Connection Center as well as other Foodbank staff
5-10 hours per week participating in dinner, reflection, and community activities
Presence and full engagement with Summer Service intern community for at least 4 nights/week and 7/9 weekends

Online Editor in Communications/Media - Journalism/Publishing/Print Media
08/24/2015 ~ 04/26/2017
The Xavier Newswire
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Inform 9,000 Xavier community members and affiliates through online platform
Maintain online platform - xaviernewswire.com
Edited and published 1,000+ online posts for The Xavier Newswire

Tier 1 or Tier 2 Student Technician/ Instructional Technology Consultant in Technology - Information in Technology - Information Systems
08/31/2013 ~ 05/5/2017
Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Provide technical assistance to more than 9,000 Xavier University community members as they utilize more than 5,000 electronic devices at Xavier University
Administer basic and complex computer operation tasks under general supervision, resulting in the overall success of the technology environment at Xavier University
Provide scheduling for classroom audio visual equipment delivery, set-up, and technical assistance
Support for campus presentation classrooms and meeting spaces.

Typist in Education/Academia - Post-Secondary/Higher Ed
2010 ~ 2011
Dr. Peter O. Nwankwo
Albany, Georgia, United States
Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems of the World: A Comparative Perspective

Meat/Seafood Clerk in Retail/Merchandising
06/19/2015 ~ 08/22/2015
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Created an environment that enables over 35,000 resident customers in Franklin County Columbus, Ohio to feel welcome, important and appreciated by answering questions regarding products sold within the department and t...

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