New York City, NY

Position Desired

Finance, IT/Computer, Nonprofit, Restaurant & Food Service, Software Developer/Programmer
New York City, NY


Student, The Sprout Project- Native iOS App
CareerFoundry / May 2020 - March 2021
• Planned research to find out the user base to get more insightful
• Designed hand sketch wireframes to mid to high-fidelity wireframes.
• Administered user testing to get feedback.
• Designed and developed the iOS application.

Designer, Cut & Sew Knit
Lane Bryant, NY / August 2020- Current
• Achieved and grew the best Tee shop season in 5 years, delivered approximately $34M worth of revenue generation.

Associate Designer, Cut & Sew Knit & Sweater Lane Bryant, NY / Jan 2016 - August 2020
• Designed and executed all core top portions of the business and worked closely with the VP of design.
• Planned to complete workload against a strict calendar.
• Operated closely with merchandisers and led major meetings.
• Spoke with overseas vendors to deliver t-pack for samples to be assembled.

Assistant Designer, Sweater and Cut & Sew Knit

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