Kaneohe, HI

Position Desired

Legal, Nonprofit, Social Work
Anywhere in DC; New York City, NY


06/19 – CURRENT
The Service Women’s Action Network is committed to advancing the interests of service women past, present and future. SWAN is focused on three key areas: Unify, Support and Impact. Individual these areas represent specific efforts and activities that deliver real and immediate value to our members; collectively they are a demonstration of our full mission in action.
• Provide past and present service members with information and resources that may assist them with their current problem. This includes contacting private and public resources that can assist service members ranging from issues such as transportation to assistance with VA Disability claims. Providing one on one assistance to individuals during the outsourcing process and following up to make sure their needs were met.
• Keep ongoing record of clients that come to SWAN for assistance. These records are used when outsourcing for grants and when going to Capitol Hill to advocate for female service members. These records are used to show the importance of SWAN and what they do for service members. It shows the ongoing need for assistance.
• Assist in research projects as well as adding new resources to public resource portal. Compiled a list of states that provided a Women Veteran Coordinator and then put that information on SWANs public resource portal. This allows service members to go to the website and contact a local representative who can assist them. Staying in contact with new resources and vetting them to make sure they can provide the assistance promised to the service member.
• Write public statements in regard to upcoming bills or legislation the deals directly with service members. Wrote a statement in regard to House Resolution 1092 as well as complied my own statement and others in regard to changes being made to the Military Justice Improvement Act. Assisted with Press Release for SWAN as well as the Military Women’s Coalition.
09/18 – CURRENT
Provide specialized services to victims/witnesses of crime who are going through the criminal justice system. These crimes include assaults, sexual assaults, terroristic threatening, kidnapping, reckless endangering, spouse/partner abuse, child abuse, and elder abuse. Surviving family members of homicide, manslaughter, and negligent homicide cases receive support services and case information.
• Provide emotional support for victims and witnesses of crimes while going through the judicial process. Being a safe space for victim and witnesses to come and express their current emotions while going through the process. Sitting with them in witness rooms and allowing them to vent about their circumstances with no judgement. Sit with them in the court room or sit inside the court room and relay information to them.
• Actively serve subpoenas to witnesses and victims for their next court dates. During this time, I sit with the victim or witness and inform them of what is going on with their case, why it was continued, and what to expect the next time they return to court. Provide the witness or victim with their witness fees and explain to them what the fees are and where they can go and cash them.
• Update court information within PBK which allows the advocate to stay on top of things with the case and inform the victim or witness if they call. Provides those individuals with up to date information as well as making sure that all letters (i.e. trial letters, continuance letters, and sentencing letters) are sent to the victim or witness as well as uploaded within the system.
• Give resources to the victim or witness if they are in need. The issues that can come up are homelessness, counseling, domestic violence, or substance abuse treatment. Can conduct a cold or warm handoff to these services, and work to match the individual with the best resource provider. Assist victim or witness in applying for the Crime Victims Compensation fund.
• Talk directly with the state prosecutor about the needs and wants of the victim or witness. Advocating directly for what the victim or witness wants and making sure that they feel heard. Explain the court process to the victim or witness, as well as the sentencing and victim impact statement.

09/17 – 09/18
Project Kaulike is designed to address the need among Hawaii’s low- and moderate-income families and low-income veterans and their families for knowledge of and meaningful access to the civil justice system. Members provide critical self-help assistance, clinical education and
“brief” legal services in the areas of family, housing, consumer and public benefits law under the supervision of licensed attorneys. This is achieved through hard work and focusing on client services, outreach and education, development of self-help materials, and volunteer recruitment and supervision.
• Worked with volunteer attorneys at the Access to Justice room inside of the Honolulu District Court House. This room allowed low-income individuals to have access to thirty minutes of free legal counseling in areas such as housing, small claims, regular claims and temporary restraining orders. Would work with 10-20 clients a day within the time frame allotted. Would assist attorney by providing resources to clients as well as the correct legal paperwork.
• Assisted clients with filing out legal paperwork for temporary restraining orders, filing a small or regular claim, or assisting landlords in eviction paperwork. As well as assisting tenants when it comes to their rights. Approved paperwork before clients would file paperwork with the clerks. Clerks would also send individuals to Access to Justice room before any paperwork was approved, even if we hadn’t helped that particular client.
• Kept the records of 4 islands and their services provided. These records are used annually by AmeriCorps when asking for continued funding for their services provided. The records keep a numerical account of how many individuals were helped, the types of services provided, their income ranges, and if the individual or anyone in their household is a veteran. Showing that AmeriCorps is something continually used and used frequently advocates for the continued funding.

09/11 – 09/15
To recruit, train, equip and organize to deliver combat ready Naval forces to win conflicts and wars while maintain security and deterrence through sustained forward presence. Forged by the sea.
• Work center supervisor for largest engine room on guided missile destroyer. Engine room contained two gas turbine engines and one generator. Maintained a clean, safe, and ope...

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