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Monterey, CA

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Well-educated, customer service oriented, forward thinking, honorably discharged U.S. Navy veteran ready for immediate employment.

Recent Education:
Master of Science in Health Services Administration (HSA), Regis U, Summer 2021
Graduate Certificate, Health Care Business Management, Regis U, May 2021
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Regis U, 2018
Master of Divinity in Military Chaplaincy (MDIV), Liberty U, 2014
Master of Religious Education (MRE), Liberty U, 2011
Master of Arts Religion in Pastoral Counseling (MARS), Liberty U, 2011
Bachelor of Science in Business Admin: Finance & Management (BS), Regis U, 2006

Relevant Graduate Coursework:
Fundamentals of Health Care Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Management
Leadership and Organizational Development in Health Care Settings
Organizational Ethics & Health Care Compliance
Advanced Concepts in Health Care Finance
Accounting & Finance Concepts
Issues in Health Care Management
Quality and Patient Safety
Foundations of Health Law
Health Care Policy

U.S. Department Homeland Security/FEMA Certifications:
(IS-520) Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas
(IS-505) Religious and Cultural Literacy and Competency in Disaster
(IS-522) Exercising Continuity Plans for Pandemics
(IS-001) Emergency Program Manager: Orientation to the Position
(IS-346) Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel
(IS-808) Emergency Support Function #8 Public Health and Medical Services
(IS-20) Diversity Awareness Course 2020
(IS-19) FEMA Equal Opportunity Supervisor Course 2019
(IS-362) Multi-Hazard Planning for Schools
(IS-100.HC) Incident Command System for Health Care and Hospitals
(IS-200.HC) Applying ICS to Health Care Organizations for Health Care and Hospitals
(IS-37) Managerial Safety and Health
FEMA Professional Development Series

Institute for Health Care Improvement (INI)...

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