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Workplace Diversity
March 30

Diversity Goes Deeper Than Hiring

Diversity in the workplace is important, but in different ways than you might think. There’s the obvious moral reason: people of diverse backgrounds should all be given equal opportunities for employment. But there’s a business reason as well: According to a wide field of research, businesses that focus on diversity actually improve their bottom lines. […]

Flower in Downtown Syracuse Promising Signals for Jobs in Syracuse
October 10

Promising Signals for Jobs in Syracuse

Steady growth and corporate expansion will create jobs in Syracuse. Are your skills in demand?

Work for Equal Pay Pledge Companies New York Jobs
September 13

These Companies Support Equal Pay for Women

Equal pay for equal work has been the law of the land since 1963, but too many Americans are paid less for the same labor as their male colleagues. These companies are leading the way to a more equitable future.

July 26

New York Job Growth is Back — and Not Just on Wall Street

The economic outlook for job seekers in New York has been lackluster at best for the past few years. Recovery from the ’08 financial crisis has seemingly taken the path of most resistance, as evidenced in the fact that our nation’s recent attempt at economic recuperation has been one of the slowest in recorded history. […]

Stop Gambling with Workplace Safety ISO
January 27

Stop Gambling with Workplace Safety

Sobering news from the WNY Council on Occupational Safety and Health: 83% of inspected construction sites in Western NY violated workplace safety regulations. What does this mean?

B Altman Building CUNY New York Jobs Beyond My Ken CC BY SA
December 16

Sanders to Cuomo: CUNY Needs Your Help

Citing CUNY’s role in educating working New Yorkers, Senator Bernie Sanders called on Governor Cuomo in an open letter (pdf) to “invest in a fair contract for the University’s faculty and staff”.

September 24

WNY Jobs Report

Living in WNY, you learn to respect seasons and cycles. The jobs numbers tell us Spring is finally here.

Smartest Counties in NY New York Jobs Alice Jamieson CC BY NC ND
September 8

10 Smartest Places in New York

Inspired by recent analysis in Buffalo Business First, we profiled the most educated New York counties.

August 31

Tax Law Changes Encourage Manufacturing Jobs

Look for growth in New York manufacturing jobs and STEM investment as tax laws pivot.

Schumer,_Gillibrand_and_Menendez New York Jobs Public Domain Image
August 25

Senators Secure Millions for Lead Abatement Jobs

Calling lead poisoning an “irreversible, preventable tragedy“, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand helped secure several multi-million dollar lead abatement grants throughout New York State. What does this mean for lead abatement jobs?

Fortune Cookie New Job in Future Flazingo Photos CC BY SA
August 20

July Saw Record 3-Month Growth in New York Jobs

The Department of Labor’s latest figures show the largest three-month gain on record in New York State, with (nearly) every region and sector picking up the pace.

Mid Hudson Bridge at Night New York Jobs Esther Lee CC BY 20
August 19

These 5 Hudson Valley Companies Are Getting Paid to Hire You

These five Hudson Valley companies pledge to create good local jobs for millions of dollars in tax credits via the Excelsior Jobs Program.